New Build

We've been working on some of the little nagging issues in the CRUD generators and supporting files. The new build is in SVN and in the zip file as well.

In all honesty, the best way to keep a working copy of powertools (PT) is to use SVN. So, if you've already downloaded it and you lke it I encourage you to use SVN going forwards.

Oh, and welcome to the new blog. We're moving our communications efforts to RIAS forge as a 'one stop' thing rather than maintaining the blog on the old site.

The demo etc. will be there for a while.

Byron and Tom

John Farrar's Gravatar I am going to be at Frameworks Conference... you going to be there? If not I would love to show a couple of guys the work you guys have done.
# Posted By John Farrar | 1/25/07 7:27 AM
Byron's Gravatar Hey John, Ya, I'd love to go, but I'm up to my chin in things for the next long while. Please feel free to show and tell to whom ever you'd like. We'd love to know what people are thinking.
# Posted By Byron | 1/26/07 10:10 PM
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