Code Poetry.

No huge changes, some tweaks to smaller things and a few minor issues looked into.

We've had (we would be Tom and I) [Ray, let us know when we can have co-authorship on RIA forge] where was I? Oh yes; we've had some excellent feedback on the latest build and on PT in general. It can be a dense tool at first glance, but the magic comes once you spend some time working with it and seeing how the machinery works.

The PT machinery is a really solid example of a well coded, complex application. The code reads like poetry.

Working with Tom, Nolan, Phillip and Dan is always a pleasure and while PT is the brain-child of Tom, it's also the product of a great deal of creativity and serious thought.

We (not the Royal 'we') really think that making PT an opensource project was and is the best thing for the app. and while we (again, not the Royal 'we') as a group still maintain control of the builds, we're looking for active participation in the development and refinement of PT.

We're looking for code poets.

So, if you're into PT and you'd like to add to the epic poem that is the machinery of PT let us know.

We'd also really like to know how people are getting on with PT in various environments and how you're using it.

Well, that's it for now and remember folks; code safe.


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