Community Involvement

Here's an invitation. We (that is Tom and I) would like to extend an open invitation to interested developers out there in the community to wade in and help develop several features for cfcPowerTools.

What exactly?

Well, we've had several requests that cfcPowerTools support mySQL. This is very 'do-able' in that cfcPT was designed from the ground up to support multiple database types. We just happen to have picked MS-SQL 2000/2005 as we know it very, very well and 99% of the clients we work with use it too.

That being said adding new database support to cfcPT is a case of studying the files in '\components\core\databases' and chiefly 'mssqlserver.cfc' as a way to become familiar with how cfcPT interacts with the database.

So, here's the initial list for database support:

1. Support for mySQL 2. Support for PostgreSQL 3. Support for Oracle 4. Support for Sybase 5. Support for PointBase

(any others?)

Framework support:

We'd like to see if there are developers using cfcPT along with frameworks like Mach 2, MG, FB5, (etc) and if there are any additions to cfcPT that would make it more useful.

General Issues:

An open invitation to suggest other improvements to cfcPT that would make the tool better in general.

We're here and we're listening and we'd love to have your active participation.

We do maintain a working copy of PT in a separate instance of SVN and anyone willing to participate will need to be set up for access in that SVN repo since the one here at RIAForge only permits read/write to the project owner; not a biggie...

Right then...on with the rest of the day.


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