cfcPowerTools... Love it or not, it rocks

We openly invited participation on this project over a year ago and even participated in a pod-cast with Matt Woodward to talk up the invitation. Long and short of it; nobody replied. Now, I've seen a few complaints in the forum for the project calling for cfcPowerTools to be removed because the developers aren't supporting it anymore. Hate yo break it to ya, but we were pretty clear that Tom and I were stepping back from it and openly inviting the community to step up... apparently either we didn't say it clearly enough or you weren't listening. regardless, even the individual(s) who complained about the us not actively supprting the project didn't even step up to the plate. So, where does that leave us? Well, it's up to you my friends... If you like powertools and you want to belly up to the bar then you are welcome. Otherwise quit the griping and suck it up... put up or shut up really. Ya, ya, I can hear it already... Not interested. If you're offended then I suggest you take a good look at yourselfas to why. If you're not offended and want to wade in then welcome to the club. So, what is cfcPowerTools? Well... cfcPowerTools is a productivity tool used to jump start your development effort. cfcPowerTools is a code generator that offers the following: * generate CFCs from database table* generate database table from CFC * batch generate CFCs from multiple database tables * generate HTML, FLASH, and XML data entry forms * supports round trip editing * getter/setter generation cfcPowerTools is highly scalable. cfcPowerTools is built using templates. You can modify the templates packaged with cfcPowerTools, or generate your own. cfcPowerTools comes with the following templates out of the box: * Model Controller * MACH II * Concrete * Simple * Default cfcPowerTools makes you more productive. cfcPowerTools produces consistant, reliable, predictable, and documented code. Productivity features: * Component Doc View - cfcPowerTools upsizes ColdFusion's component doc view allowing you to interact with your CFC. From the component doc view, you can add, edit, and delete methods as well as view methods. * Code Behind - you can toggle between the meta data view for a cffunction and the actual cffunction code. * ColdFusion Admin - cfcPowerTools utilizes your ColdFusion administrator login to secure access to cfcPowerTools functionality. * Managed Code - you can designate section(s) of your code as managed code. cfcpowerTools will only regenerate the managed code sections, ignoring the rest of your code.

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