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Thread: Linux case sensitivity issues?
Created on: 07/19/07 08:28 PM Replies: 1

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Linux case sensitivity issues?
07/19/07 8:28 PM

I am running into problems running this on my server. I didn't see where it said this software was for Windows only, but apparently it may be? If anyone has run this on Linux or Unix I would appreciate hearing about it.

Remember developers - ColdFusion is multiplatform if you care enough to keep track of case in your code!

I've fixed a lot of the case sensitivity mismatches, but am getting a weird error when I try to generate a CRUD cfc. I get a page that has a single cfdump on it. Its a struct with these entries and values:

errors: array [empty]
fatalerrors array: 1 [Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file.
status: NO
warnings: array [empty]

Any help appreciated. I'll be happy to give back the fixed code if I can get this working.
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RE: Linux case sensitivity issues?
07/27/07 8:44 AM


that patch should do the trick, i found no issues anymore. but it might break windows support.

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