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cfcPowerTools Code Generator Issue: No support from the developer, you should pull this project fom this site

Name: No support from the developer, you should pull this project fom this site
ID: 6
Project: cfcPowerTools Code Generator
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Jesse
Created: 10/13/07 9:07 PM
Updated: 02/11/09 1:59 AM
Description: No support from the developer on a couple different issues. No response in several months. RIAForge.com should consider pulling this project from it's site.

There is just no support to be found on the net for this app. Seems like it would be great if it only worked.
History: Created by JBeckton (Jesse) : 10/13/07 9:07 PM

Comment by byron (Byron J. Bignell) : 10/13/07 10:58 PM
Ya, you're right. We aren't very responsive of late. It comes down to this: we put a tonne of work into PT over the last several years we thought that releasing it here as open source people would just take it and run with it.

Tom and I were interviewed by Matt Woodward on his podcast about PT. Where it came from, what it was and where it was going. We took the opportunity to invite people to make it their own and to download it from here.

It might be better if we moved it to a system that allowed people to contribute their changes back to SVN, RIAForge is a read-only system for the most part.

As for support, well. The code is open source and I do have to admit that its not for the meek or new but at the same time if one were determined and set about reading the code there are tonnes of interesting things in there that one could learn from and use.

For Tom and I writing PT was an exercise in taking ColdFusion as far as we could in terms of database and component interactions.

As for working. It does work, but CF8 has likely changed that and he code is likely broken running on the newest server. I'm afraid that we aren't supporting PTs development anymore. If you'd like to put your arms around it then please feel free to dive into the code. It's all open source; nothing encrypted at all; or it wouldn't be on RAIforge as Ray doesn't allow that and I agree with him.

Best regards,


Updated by byron (Byron J. Bignell) : 03/01/08 4:32 PM
Actually Jesse, if you'd like to contribute to the project in an ongoing way I can now add you to SVN as a user. Your call.

Comment by Mesius (Eric Johnson) : 02/11/09 1:59 AM
The process of updating to CF8 isn't quite as onerous as one would think - I am currently running Centaur on my machine and was able to get cfcPowerTools up and running (mostly) in a single night. The primary issue pertained to the use of the var property = "" issue that cropped up in multiple cfc's and function calls. Once those were replaced the majority of the application worked fine. I will continue to update other portions as necessary - please contact me if you want to receive the modified code.

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