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cfcPowerTools Code Generator Issue: Developer Mode ColdFusion Server

Name: Developer Mode ColdFusion Server
ID: 3
Project: cfcPowerTools Code Generator
Type: Bug
Area: Front End
Severity: Normal
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Tom Schreck
Created: 02/19/07 1:03 AM
Updated: 03/01/08 4:35 PM
Description: If you run ColdFusion DevNet version, then cfcPowerTools' UI will not work as expected. ColdFusion's DevNet version auto inserts META content which causes AJAX to mess up. AJAX returns XML and the auto inserted META screws up the XML causing the UI to not work.

See Stevan Erat's blog entry on this at talkingtree.com:

History: Created by tomschreck (Tom Schreck) : 02/19/07 1:03 AM

Comment by byron (Byron J. Bignell) : 03/03/07 9:20 AM
Funny thing with the DevNet version really and nasty to boot. But you can just use the developer license on localhost and cfcpowertools should work as expected.

The cfcpowertools UI makes extensive use of Ajax (via Taconoite: taconite.sourceforge.net) so when invalid markup is rendered out via the app. server (CF) the UI; like any UI that relies on XHMTL and Ajax will suffer.

Debugging using 'classic' also messes with the cfcpowertools UI; using 'dockable' helps, but using a debugger (fusiondebug etc) is a much better solution for debugging anyhow.

Thanks for the heads up on the DevNet issue!


Updated by byron (Byron J. Bignell) : 03/01/08 4:35 PM

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